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Action Assist is an innovative online subscription offering which provides organisations with a secure encrypted web-based platform for the management of operational processes and data storage on the internet. The tool reduces the administration burden on stakeholders in the day to day operational running of the organisation and clearly assigns responsibility and accountability to all users.


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Action Assist can help your organisation in:

Performance Management - Organisational

Organisational Performance Assist facilitates the management of organisational performance on a monthly or quarterly bas...

Performance Management - Individual

Individual Performance Assist facilitates the allocation, tracking and reporting of performance indicators for the vario...

Risk Management

Risk Assist assists organisations with the management and addressing of various types of risks identified by the managem...

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Date Module Update
29 Jul 2021 Individual Performance ver. PM6 Bugfix to address an issue where the Final Review scoresheet is not auto-populating with the average Moderators' score, where that functionality is enabled in Setup > Module Preferences. [Assist Ref: AA-660]
25 Jul 2021 Users The Password Activity Log report has been updated to reflect the name of the super user logged in as the Assist Administrator. [Assist Ref: AA-656]
25 Jul 2021 Employee Assist New Search feature has been added to the Manage > View & Edit list pages. Employees can be found by name using the Quick Search feature on the list page, or a more advanced search can be conducted by clicking through to the Advanced Search page. [Assist Ref: AA-643]
14 Jul 2021 Employee Assist Bugfix to address an issue when editing list items in Setup. [Assist Ref: AA-648]
30 Jun 2021 Action Dashboard POPI Act message added to confirm Action iT (Pty) Ltd's compliance with the POPI Act of South Africa. [Assist Ref: AA-642]
27 Jun 2021 mSCOA Library Bugfix to address an issue in the Exception Report
27 Jun 2021 Job Activity Library v1 New feature added to allow for the bulk import of data. [Assist Ref: AA-635]
14 Jun 2021 Query Assist v1 Update to allow Action headings to be renamed. [Assist Ref: AA-628]
14 Jun 2021 SDBIP v6 Bugfix to address an issue when creating a new Departmental KPI on a new SDBIP. [Assist Ref: AA-629]
09 Jun 2021 SDBIP v6 Bugfix to address an issue when generating the import template to import new KPIs and projects. [Assist Ref: AA-627]
03 Jun 2021 SDBIP v6 Added an option to permanently delete a department from the Organisational Structure. [Assist Ref: AA-625]
23 May 2021 Individual Performance ver. PM6 Increased user access checks to ensure that users do not gain access to sections within the module without the required super user access. [Assist Ref: AA-615]
23 May 2021 Individual Performance ver. PM6 Individual Performance version PM6 is now available for both the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 financial years. [Assist Ref: AA-616]
21 May 2021 Risk Assist v2 Feature update to allow risks and actions to be added after the Risk Register has been activated. [Assist Ref: AA-613]
21 May 2021 Individual Performance 2019/2020 [PM5] Bugfix to address an issue when viewing a scorecard where the selected employee has no active user selected as the manager. [Assist Ref: AA-617]
06 May 2021 SDBIP v6 Bugfixes to address issues when viewing KPIs linked to deleted projects and restoring a deleted project. [Assist Ref: AA-604, AA-605]
25 Apr 2021 Individual Performance 2020/2021 [PM6] A new feature has been added to allow for Scorecards to be grouped together for easier Assessment management. The functionality can be accessed by going to Admin > Assessments > Per Group. Adding Scorecards to a Group means that all the Scorecards can have Assessments triggered with a single trigger, instead of doing each Scorecard separately. Scorecards that need to be managed separately can still be accessed as usual from Admin > Assessments > Per Scorecard. [Assist Ref: AA-581]
19 Apr 2021 SDBIP v6 Minor bugfix to address an issue where additional zeros are added after the decimal in the Baseline field. [Assist Ref: AA-595]
15 Apr 2021 Complaints Assist Bugfix to address an issue where the complaint status does not correctly update when the complaint is marked as closed. [Assist Ref: AA-591]
11 Apr 2021 Individual Performance 2020/2021 [PM6] Added new functionality:
- The Assessment scoresheet now displays the results for the period under assessment as well as the YTD results. The user also has the option to choose which results columns to show/hide when viewing the Assessment scoresheet. [Assist Ref: AA-584];
- An option has been added to allow the user to choose to hide the Bonus Scale when printing the final Assessment scoresheet or Feedback View pages [Assist Ref: AA-110];
- The Setup > Employee Settings and Setup > User Access pages have had some minor enhancements to improve the understandability of the impact of each of the user access settings options available. [Assist Ref: AA-238];
- Various detailed view pages have been updated to include the employee's Assist user status as well as provide further detail around the specific Job under assessment on the given Scorecard. [Assist Ref: AA-128];
Fixes to address the following bugs:
- Annual Target/Actual incorrectly displaying a "0" on the scoresheet [Assist Ref: AA-586];
31 Mar 2021 Individual Performance 2020/2021 [PM6] New functionality has been added so that line items deleted in the source module remain available in Individual Performance scoresheets, provided that the Assessment is triggered before the line item was deleted. [Assist Ref: AA-568]
21 Mar 2021 Individual Performance 2020/2021 [PM6] New functionality has been added to the Assessment scoresheet so that it saves scores and comments as they are captured. This is to address the issue where scores can be lost if the inactivity timeout function logs the user out before they save and finalise the scoresheet. [Assist Ref: AA-232]
11 Mar 2021 Individual Performance 2020/2021 [PM6] Assessment Scoresheets can now be accessed from the Frontpage Dashboard. [Assist Ref: AA-560]
31 Jan 2021 Employee Assist Bugfix to address an issue where User Access settings could not be saved. [Assist Ref: AA-546]

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